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Example 1:

WordPress with 7 plugins, LiteSpeed Cache, NO CDN. GtMetrix server is in Canada, site hosted in the UK

Example 1:

Same website, NO CDN
Google Insights is in the USA, site hosted in the UK

Example 2:

WordPress with 14 plugins, using LiteSpeed Cache, and free Cloudflare CDN, GtMetrix server is in Canada (Site hosted in the UK)

Example 3:

WordPress with 13 plugins, using LiteSpeed Cache, and free Cloudflare CDN, GtMetrix server is in Canada (Site hosted in the UK)

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Get your fast Cpanel hosting, without breaking the bank

Fast WP GeneratePress Theme

Get GeneratePress Theme with 68 site templates ($59/Year value), plus a one year fast Cpanel web hosting for €97/Year

Fast WP GeneratePress Blocks

Get GeneratePress Blocks with 150 design blocks ($39/Year value), plus a one year fast Cpanel web hosting for €97/Year

Website features

All Cpanel hosting comes with the following options

Domain Name*

Your domain name (Like .com, .net, .org, .info, etc…) is included in the yearly no promotional offer.

10 GB Disk

Get 10 GB of fast UK SSD disk space to host your WordPress business website.

20 GB Traffic

Get 20 GB of monthly traffic, enough to get your project going without limitation.


You get 1 GB of memory for your Cpanel account so that your website runs smoothly.

1 vCPU x 100%

You also get 1 CPU x 100% processing power to make your website faster.


Use the Cpanel hosting panel in your language or the one you understand best.

GP Theme*

One-year license ($59/Year value) for the fastest theme with 68 website templates.

GP Blocks*

One-year license ($39/Year value) for a fast light plugin with 150 design blocks.


Up to 9 times faster than Apache, 50% faster PHP, in a few clicks, your website gets faster.


Install opensource software in minutes without having to upload any files.

Free SSL

Secure your WordPress, email, and traffic with auto-generated SSL certificates.

30 Day

Try us and if your website doesn’t reach a 95+ speed score, get your money back (F.A.Q)

Try it for 30 days

Try us for 30 days (Money-Back Guarantee)

Frequently asked questions

How does the 30-day guarantee work?

By using the GeneratePress theme and /or GeneraBlocks plugin, your website will be super fast, but in case you do not get the 90+ scores, we will help you to reach it, and if after all our advice, you never reach that speed, you will be fully refunded (Minus the domain name).

Will you design the website for me?

If you pick the yearly offer, you will have the GeneratePress theme & plugin. both have 68 site templates and 150 design blocks, which you can install in one click… That will make designing your website easy… But, if you need our help, let us know and we will make you an awesome offer.

Can you help me install the website?

Yes, we can, just select the help options you want during the order process, and we’ll gladly do it for you

Can you sell me a GeneratePress license?

No, we can’t, as per terms & conditions, it is forbidden to sell GeneratePress licenses, but we are allowed to install them for our clients.

What payment systems do you accept?

We do accept major credit and debit cards through Stripe and Paypal… Other payment systems can be arranged, just let us know, and we may be able to help.

Can I use other themes & plugins?

Of course, you can, but the design must be either based on the GP theme or with the GP plugin, plus the LiteSpeed cache… In examples 2 and 3, we have used a Buddypress theme, but we designed the pages with GP Blocks to gain more speed.

Should I use Cloudflare too?

Not necessarily, any CDN provider will do, and you can avoid using any CDN as we did on this very website (We avoided using a CDN because this domain is used for our DNS).

Why you don’t have an unlimited offer?

We do not offer “unlimited space”, “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited this and that” because, in the real world, they simply do not exist, they are a part of an unrealistic overselling marketing technic that we refuse to use.

Do you provide site speed optimization?

Yes, we do provide site speed optimization to our clients, get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

I have another question, how to contact you?

Try to find the answer you seek in our Knowledge base, if not, use the live chat, or the support tickets system.