About Kydma

The company & the founder’ story.

Convert your leads into buyers, then into your ideal clients by launching one type of offer within 72h*

Simplicity + Authenticity + Speed – Tech overwhelm – Theories = FAST launch & growth!

Our weird story

The founder and Kymda’s story:

Kydma.com screenshot from 2007. It was all in adobe flash, and flash was cool at the time, but now, it is not supported anymore.

About Adel Kassouri

Computer studies when computers were BIG!

Me, Adel, I studied computers in high school (in Algeria), then at the university (in Italy) in the 87/93 time when school computers were as big as room walls, you know, those computers that gave you a result several minutes later by rolling and magnetic bands, etc.

Adel’s vision

A big believer in the internet thingy.

When in 1995, I got access to the internet, like many, I was blown away. I quickly realized that it will change the world, that it will give access to knowledge to billions. well, almost 30 years later, I still believe the same while being disappointed about how people miss the full potential of the thing.

2005, the year everything started

First online sale in 2005!

In 2005, the domain name Kydma was registered just after I made my first web design sale. a one-page HTML design with glowing glossy buttons lol. We always remember the first sale, its that unique the moment we realize that making money online is possible.

2005, first web-hosting client!

First web hosting client in 2005!

And you know what, we still host and serve that client, actually the manager of that company, because now it is a 2 locations company became a very close friend of mine because we both studied computers in the same time and have a shared feeling about the internet.

2009, things got serious

Early 2009, Incorporated in France

At that time, trust online was a rare thing, so, to look professional and trusting, I decided to incorporate Kydma as a personal company, that was in Paris, in April 2009 while still working in Hotels as a receptionist (I speak several languages) and making some extra money online with drop shipping Chinese tech.

2009, things got crazier.

In early 2009, moved to China!

I decided to let everything down and move to China without any planning. The idea was a short visit and at the time I didn’t know that I will fall in love with the country and its tech side, Shenzhen city (where most mobile phones were manufactured, including Iphones) was considered an eldorado for tech geeks.

2009, things got international.

Late 2009, company in Hong Kong!

In October 2009, because business was booming and I had many Chinese and foreign clients asking for services, I incorporated a Hong kong based company, while still living in Shenzhen China… The company is no more, because the business tanked.

A digital nomad lifestyle! Almost!

In 2013, a digital nomad, almost.

After four year in China, I decided to travel wherever my passport could take me, so, a few months in Hong kong, Malaysia, then Indonesia then back again, I was almost living the digital nomad lifestyle without knowing much about it.

In 2020, I got lazy and Covid hit.

Laziness & mistakes, death of Kydma

Personal matters, weaker confidence, plus Covid, Kydma was barely alive, so, again, I had to go back to offering ridiculous services at ridiculous prices.

No more paralysis by analysis

2022, restarting from scratch

At Kydma, after a long time of brainstorming, I stopped providing any kind of web services to anyone who wanted it and started focusing on one service, one market.

Why you should trust me?

Well, realistically, you should not trust me yet until you hear about the strategies I have in store for you and your business.

Mutual trust

To be able to work together, the trust should be mutual… So let’s see if we are a good fit.

Nothing to lose

You have nothing to lose and a free strategy to gain… Maybe, even a friend, so?

Direct contact

The manager is ready to answer all your questions, even if you don’t order anything from us.

Clear services

Forget the complicated stuff and get straight-to-the-point clear, simple, services & strategies.

Since 2005

Adel, the manager started Kydma services in 2005, and our oldest client is from that year.

Since 2009

Kydma company was officially incorporated In France in 2009 (reg number down the page).

Trials and mistakes

I tried many various models and strategies and I learned a lot from my past mistakes.

The 95 Passion

Not only for the money but because I’m really passionate aka obsessed about the web.

I get happy

I get happy when I see people succeed online, it is my main source of joy, after the family.

Do you have a question about Kydma?

If yes, feel free to use the chat to ask me directly or create a support ticket here