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Convert more with FREE proven tweaks.

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FREE TWEAKS TO convert more

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your front/landing page

THE PROBLEM: The absolute majority of web visitors (cold traffic) take just a few seconds to decide if your offer is what they want or not, simply by reading the first lines of your website.

THE SOLUTION: You need to have a clear and convincing message that addresses a specific target audience. Your message must include a USP, MVO, and of course, benefits (see the mindmap image above).

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YOUR audience

Understand your audience’s unique pain points, desires, and aspirations to create a connection that resonates with them, ensuring they feel heard and understood. This involves delving into demographics and behavioral insights to define your ideal customer persona.

your USP

Craft a compelling Unique Sale Proposition that distinctly sets you apart from the competition, showcasing the special value you bring to your audience. It should be a clear, attention-grabbing statement that makes your offer unique and why it’s the best choice.

your MVO

Map a Minimal Viable Offer that focuses on providing your audience with a valuable solution to their specific pain points. It should be an irresistible package that offers clear steps and benefits, solving their problems efficiently, and motivating them to take action.


THE PROBLEM: Many lead magnets lack relevance, quality, contain overwhelming content, result in low conversion rates, and can prolong the persuasion cycle.

THE SOLUTION: Your lead magnet must be clear, easy to consume, and resolve a specific problem in the shortest time possible by following specific steps (see the mindmap image above).

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clarity and simplicity

Address a specific problem with concise, actionable steps. Use plain language and visuals like mindmaps or checklists. Ensure your audience quickly grasps the content for higher engagement and conversions.

speed up the result

Craft a lead magnet that your audience can digest within just 5 to 10 minutes. It should be concise, engaging, and directly address a specific problem. The goal is to make the lead come back to you quickly for more.

provide an instant win

Your lead magnet must provide an instant small win. Achieve this by creating one that includes one of the steps of your big solution, allowing you to mention this on your conversion page, which we will discuss below.

your conversion page

THE PROBLEM: Many use a thank you page only to express gratitude to the lead, missing a valuable opportunity to convert more by showcasing expertise, building trust, and establishing authority.

THE SOLUTION: In fact, there are 3 methods to solve the problem (see the mindmap image above). In your thank you aka conversion page, clarify your lead magnet and the specific problem it addresses. introduce your comprehensive solution, and request a straightforward call to action.

implement this

explain the lead magnet

To make the most of your thank you page, use a video to explain your lead magnet. By doing this, you’ll have the chance to showcase your expertise and build authority before the lead even receives the content in their inbox. This is a powerful way to establish trust and make a lasting impression.

mention your solution

Once you’ve delivered the instant win, explain that your lead magnet addresses just one of the problems that your big solution steps can solve. This step is crucial because it clarifies for the lead what your main offer is all about. It piques their interest and sets the stage for further actions.

ask for an action

Whether it’s booking a call, registering for a webinar, or ordering your offer, the key is clarity. Make your request using a genuine, non-salesy tone. Remember, you’ve just provided a quick solution to a small problem, putting the lead in an action-oriented mindset. So, ask them directly and clearly.

we didn’t reinvent the wheel, just tweaked converting pages

And to envision what the tweaks may look like…

check out this basic demo

For all creators

converting funnel-like website

Please be aware that this is just a basic demo. It includes all the essential pages and most features, but fewer of the copy and conversion scripts. This is not the exact design and structure you will get. your pages will be set up according to your business.

need help to implement and more?

As this is a new test offer, you can get it exchange of a testimonial.


€97 ≈ $100

No setup fees. Get your converting pages now..

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Do it Yourself:

Website installation: Your funnel-like WP website installed for you.

Guidance call: Be guided through the process of setting up the proven tweaks.

Community: Grow your business with strategies, tips, and exchange with other members.

Recoup your costs: Earn %20 commissions on sales by referring others using your link, info here .

DIY & hosted

€297 ≈ $300

Your pages are hosted and maintained all year long.

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All in DIY plus:

cPanel Yearly Hosting: 1 Year stable Cpanel web hosting (since 2005).

Updates & Maintenance: Your funnel-like website is updated and maintained all year long.

LightSpeed & Cloudflare: Get your funnel-like website optimized for speed and security.

Daily backups & more: Your website is backed up daily ensuring you never loose your website.


€297 ≈ $300

Limited to 10. Hosted and maintained or NOT.

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All options inclued:

Limited offer: Fof this DONE WITH YOU special, it is evident that we cannot serve everybody.

Audience, USP, and MVO: Learn how to use the right converting ones.

Lead magnet: Get more leads with an effective, easy-to-consume lead magnet.

Authority builder: Filter and convert more visitors into ideal leads and clients with one extra page.

Conversions scripts: Proven copy, video, and sales scripts to filter and convert more of your traffic.


Real customer stories:

Sam Waniewski

Basketball Coach, USA. Testimonial link.

Hainz’el Llanely Cantos

Genuinely Solutions LLC, USA. Agency, Testimonial link.

Since 2005, Adel has been instrumental in our business growth. As his first serious clients, we’ve witnessed our one-person operation evolve into a thriving business with two offices and a dedicated team of 23 members, thanks to his guidance and support.

Chawki Bentillis

Maager Deelta company, IT solutions, Algeria.

The project was not going well. Frustration set in… Along comes Adel. A marketing expert in my network. I’m happy with the results If you’re looking for someone to help you – I recommend you contact him. You’ll find him to be responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to offer guidance on your online efforts.

Charlene Burke

Copywriter, USA. Testimonial link.

I’m quite lucky finding ADEL, I added him as a friend on facebook. I am a young graphic designer but only had shallow knowledge as far as my target market is concerned and what specific services to offer. So, after an hour or so with Adel, I now have a clear message/USP (unique sale proposition), and I know whom to offer my services to. and what exact service to provide. It’s such an honor with great privilege knowing Adel because he has really left a great impact on me.

Oluwafemi Daniel

Freelancer. Nigeria. Testimonial link.

Adel is very passionate and well-versed in all aspects of online marketing. He is intelligent, and creative and is able to give a wide range of suggestions on how to brand your product or service better, how to make the best out of your online presence and to create various online income streams.

Cecelia Alphonsus

Communication expert, Malaysia, Testimonial link.

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Forget the complicated stuff and get straight-to-the-point clear, simple, services & strategies.

Since 2005

Adel, the manager started Kydma services in 2005, and our oldest client is from that year.

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Why you should contact me before ordering?

To be sure this service fits your business needs and to secure your discounted spot.

Why are the fees so low?

We’re currently providing this service at a reduced fee for a select group of founding members. This approach helps us collect feedback, and testimonials, and enhance the offer.

Will we try to sell you other services?

Our aim is authenticity. Apart from the services listed on Kydma wesbite, we do not offer any other services.

How easy is it to edit the pages?

It’s this simple: open a page, click ‘Edit’, read and follow instructions, fill in the blanks. Also, quickly change colors and fonts across the site with a few clicks.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, a 7-day one. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the service, simply let us know, and we’ll provide a full refund. Please be aware that you can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you offer a done-for-you service?

Absolutely, we do, Feel free to reach out to us, and we can discuss the specifics of your project in detail.

Who is behind

To learn more about us, visit the About page here.

Who are the people we got inspiration from?

Jeff Walker (1 billion in sales), and Aaron Fletcher (100 plus millions in sales).

What kind of websites can you launch?

Launch any service-related funnel-like website like coaching, consultancy, services, courses, etc.

When will you get the guidance calls?

Upon the confirmation of your order, we will discuss the appropriate weekly day to schedule them.

What tools do you need to get started?

You need a domain name, use our or your web hosting, and an account on a recommended platform to collect emails if you decide to do that.

What if you don’t have a domain name?

If you need help choosing a suitable domain, contact us for free advice. We’re here to help.

What if you want to use your own email platform?

Sure, you can do that, you just have to integrate your email forms where needed on your website.

Do you provide a funnel service?

Certainly, get more information by contacting us.

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Use the live chat, or submit a support ticket here.