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The DFY M.B Business

M.B stands for Marketing Blog… It is a blog with ready-made guides/articles. landing pages and digital products that generate you an income… And…


It is a true simple web business (Done For You) you can launch in the next hours/days (read the steps).


Pick a domain name, add your info, edit some info, and that’s it… By tomorrow you are in business


No need to break the bank, no contract… Launch for as low as €100 €50 €35… Yep, you read that well.


To sell fast, all you have to do is follow our instructions, edit some content, and that’s it, you are in business.


To generate a certain monthly recurring income, get a certain number of monthly buying members.


Because your pricing will be as low as a Starbucks price, marketing and selling your offer will be easy.

How Does This Work?

Just follow these four steps to start selling.


Pick Your Strategy

We have 3 DFY marketing strategies:

  1. The one that gives access to the blog content and the paid content is promoted inside the free content.
  2. The one that asks the visitors to join a social group to access more content.
  3. The one that collects visitors’ e-mails, then delivers more content and promotes the paid one.
DFY Micro Membership Site
Micro Membership Site
DFY Marketing Blog
DFY Marketing Blog


Get Your M.B

Order one of the available M.B packs to get:

  1. Your blog hosted and configured for you.
  2. It comes with 10 step-bystep guides/ articles (few thousands words each) related to marketing.
  3. It comes with 3 high-quality digital courses to sell.
  4. More guides/ articles will be delivred monthly.


Add And Edit

To be ready to sell in a few days, you have to:

  1. Get your Paypal ready to receive payments.
  2. Get a free Mailerlite or Mailchinp account and create email forms to collect emails.
  3. Get the digital products hosted on a free selling platform.
  4. Get affiliate links from known affiliate platforms and insert them into your articles.
  5. Use this simple funnel on all your guides/articles > visitors read > collect emails or not > link to your products sales pages or affiliate links).
DFY Micro Membership Site
Micro Membership Site
DFY Marketing Blog
DFY Marketing Blog


Start Selling Fast

Because it is a blog, there is no need to have many marketing guides/articles ready in advance, use the one already set up for you so… Concretely, you can start selling right after step three by:

  1. Use simple marketing funnels.
  2. Share your marketing guides/articles on social media to get traffic.
  3. Collect emails of your readers by promoting your landing pages inside the guides/aricles.
  4. Direct your subscribers to your digital products sales pages links.
  5. Make more sales with your affiliates links.

Ready To Launch?

If yes, order your DFY business today

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Is there any demo of the DFY blog?

Yes, there is one, just visit the strategies page, please note that for copyright reasons, the content is mostly hidden.

What do I need to launch my blog?

As it is a Done For You business, we handle almost everything… You just need to choose a domain name, have a Paypal account ready, then create a free account on a free platform to collect emails, and another sell the digital products… The rest is just and copy and paste.

What payment systems do you accept?

We do accept major credit and debit cards through Stripe and Paypal… Other payment systems can be arranged, just let us know, and we may be able to help.

How much time does it take to launch an M.B?

It all depends on your general web knowledge, focus, and work ethic; If follow the step-by-step instructions and apply them, you will get started very fast.

When will I access the M.B content?

Just after your order is confirmed, you will start receiving the step-by-step instructions & the content by email.

I have another question, how to contact you?

Try to find the answer you seek in our Knowledge base, if not, use the live chat, or the support tickets system.