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The DFY M.M.S Business

M.M.S stands for Micro Membership Site… It is a small website that sells information in exchange for a SMALL monthly fee… And…


It is a monthly recurring income-generating website that makes you money every month.


Pick a domain name, add your payment info, copy-paste stuff, and that’s it… By tomorrow you are in business


No need to break the bank, no upfront payment… Launch for as low as €100 €50 €25… Yep, you read that well.


To sell fast, all you have to do is copy-paste the welcome message and the first lesson of your M.M.S.


To generate a certain monthly recurring income, get a certain number of monthly paying members.


Because your pricing will be as low as a Starbucks price, marketing and selling your offer will be easy.

How Does This Work?

Just follow these four steps to start selling.


Choose Your Strategy

We have 3 DFY marketing strategies:

  1. The M.M.S one that gives access to the free content without asking for anything and the paid content is promoted inside the free one.
  2. The M.M.S one that forces visitors to join a Facebook group before accessing any content.
  3. The M.M.S one that collects visitors’ e-mails, then delivers the free content and promotes the paid one.
DFY Micro Membership Site
Micro Membership Site
DFY Marketing Blog
DFY Marketing Blog


Order Your M.M.S

Order one of the available M.M.S packs to get:

  1. The MMS website with a landing page installed for you.
  2. A free 5-steps challenge (To entice users to join).
  3. The sales page to sell your membership.
  4. The first 13 lessons of the first month (of the 40 available).


Add And Edit

To start selling fast, you will have to:

  1. Get your Paypal ready to receive payments.
  2. Create a free account on one free platform.
  3. Create the M.M.S course on a free platform.
  4. Decide your price and time interval to deliver the 40 Lessons.
  5. Add a welcome message, the first couple of lessons, and start selling fast.
DFY Micro Membership Site
Micro Membership Site
DFY Marketing Blog
DFY Marketing Blog


Start Selling Fast

Because it is a membership, there is no need to have all the content ready in advance, only the welcome message and the first couple of lessons are required, so… Concretely, you can start selling right after step two by:

  1. Joining FB groups that discuss “make money online” and “online businesses”.
  2. Sharing the link of your free challenge to get web traffic.
  3. Use our traffic strategies to get more traffic.

Ready To Launch a Business?

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Frequently asked questions

Is there any demo of the DFY Businesses?

Yes, there is are two, just visit the strategies & demos page, but for security and copyright reasons, the content is mostly hidden.

What do I need to launch a business?

As it is a Done For You business, we handle almost everything… You just need to choose a domain name, have a Paypal account ready, then create a free account on one free platform for the membership… The rest is just and copy and paste.

What payment systems do you accept?

We do accept major credit and debit cards through Stripe and Paypal… Other payment systems can be arranged, just let us know, and we may be able to help.

How much time does it take to launch an M.M.S?

It all depends on your general web knowledge, focus, and work ethic; If follow the step-by-step instructions and apply them, you will get started very fast.

When will I access the M.M.S content?

Just after your order is confirmed, you will start receiving the step-by-step instructions & the content by email.

I have another question, how to contact you?

Try to find the answer you seek in our Knowledge base, if not, use the live chat, or the support tickets system.