Get X times more clients fast.

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Get X times more clients fast

By launching your “First Micro Offer” in 48 hours or less*, after creating the needed 3 pieces of content and editing the included pages.

* 48 hours or less after you’ve learned the how-to.

Attention! Motivated coaches, course creators & service providers…

It’s time to kill the procrastination, the difficulty, the anxiety, and the doubt monster. It’s time to establish the business you’ve always desired, starting today!

Time is money. So, let me help you save some of it by resuming the weekly lessons and the BONUSES you will get if you join us today:

  • How to create your offer in 48 hours or less using the quick start guide. 
  • How to come up with an offer, even if you don’t have an idea yet.
  • How to create your first offer using a simple 6-step formula.
  • How to pick your niche, market, and choose a name for your offer.
  • How to start selling your first offer using only 3 pieces of content.
  • How to create your F.M.O. following the “10-step Startup Checklist”.
  • How to craft the perfect first lesson to drive up clients’ interest.
  • How to create the rest of the training quickly using a clear formula.
  • How to manage your offering in only 2 or 3 hours each week.
  • How to use a special strategy to optimize your sales conversions!
  • How to use 20 promotional steps to launch your first micro offer!
  • How to use a launch checklist to ensure the success of your offer!
  • How to use 3 ways to keep your clients paying and happy to do it!
  • How to increase your profit by adding one element to your training!
  • How to recoup your paid traffic while building your clients list.
  • How to convince your website visitors to buy your offer!
  • And much more…

To resume all the lessons in one sentence: It is everything you need to go from point A, not knowing how and where to start to point Z, selling your first offer, and building your business!

And of course, the BONUSES:

  1. Access the F.M.O method private community, exchange ideas, and get your offer steps reviewed.
  2. Build your offer’s system fast using the included “READY TO IMPORT” pages.

Positive day stranger, my name is Adel Kassouri, the manager of Kydma. You can call me Adel.

Subject: The “Simple” Way To get X times more clients super fast.

Writing on my tiny laptop while stuck somewhere in southeast Asia… I was supposed to travel more and enjoy my time here, but because of some restrictions, and thanks to them, I’m forcing myself to finish this letter, so here we go. 

After I wrote the intro, I wondered about the simplest and easiest way to explain this offer to you… And hearing the noise of kids playing in the street, I remembered my primary school and my teachers, especially one of them.

Then I recalled the class about straight lines, and I bet you do too.

Do you remember when the algebra or physics teacher said this:

The fastest and easiest way to go from point A to point B is a straight line! 

I dont know about you, but I remember it, and I also remember that, at the time, that sentence was big aha moment, an introduction to the world of logic.

So, if we all know that logic, why, as grown-ups, aren’t we using straight lines in our businesses?

Why do we complicate things by going right, left, and in circles trying to use over-hyped strategies and pricy tools, when we can take a straight line. From point A, Not knowing ho to create ad launch offers to point B, where everything is done in a simple way?

You know, like the teacher said, a straight simple line.

When it comes to creating offers or services, I always try to simplify the process and turn it into a 3-step one, exactly like you saw me do in the action plan.

The first one is always about planning and mapping an idea (market, niche, topic, outline, etc.).

The second one is about creation and presentation (writing or recording, building pages, connecting buttons, etc.).

And the last one is launching and delivering (self-explanatory).

Et voila, the step-by-step process is ready, clear, and simple, exactly like straight lines are.

You may think that the process is not as simple as it looks. If so, let me present it to you in another way.

So, even though I already explained the idea of an F.M.O in the action plan, here it is in a visual straight line:

Your F.M.O = Monthly low-ticket offer > Get clients fast > Gain trust > Build authority > Get feedback > Get clients to your main offer without selling it > Generate an income > Rince and repeat = Thriving business.

Now, if you still think that this is too good to be true, let’s compare an F.M.O. with any regular low-ticket offer:

Regular offer

  1. Spend an X amount of time creating the whole offer in advance.
  2. Spend an X amount of time writing, recording, and editing your content.
  3. Not sure if the offer is good enough, will it sell or not?
  4. Create an offer that gives a big outcome including many steps.
  5. Build a list of people who may or may not buy from you in the future.
  6. Spend X amount of time writing an email follow-up sequence in advance.
  7. Spend time nurturing and convincing your email to buy your first offer.
  8. Price your offer at $xxx or $xxxx.
  9. Use complicated tools and strategies.
  10. Deal with your unhappy clients.
  11. Sell to a limited number of people who can afford your offer.
  12. The risk is high for your buyers.

First Micro Offer

  1. Start selling as soon as you have 3 pieces of content ready.
  2. Spend a couple of hours outlining your offer and numbering the included steps.
  3. Make the offer better every week using your clients’ feedback.
  4. Create many offers, each one about a specific sspecific step to reach the big outcome.
  5. Build a client list starting from day one by selling your F.M.O.
  6. Spend less time writing your welcome message and your offer outline.
  7. Spend time building trust and authority while selling your other offers with one single line.
  8. Price your offer between $4.7 and $31.
  9. Start with free tools and simple strategies.
  10. Deal with the unhappy few bucks clients.
  11. Sell to anyone interested in your offer and can afford a few bucks.
  12. The risk is ridiculously low for your buyers.

I can go on but I won’t do that because I think you get my point.

Note: I’m not denying that regular offers work too, but that’s not the subject of this sales page. Im talking about a first offer.

And to go back to our subject, here’s how easy it is to create an F.M.O and more in the future to build your clients list:

  1. Create your offer in 48 hours or less using a quick start guide (a more detailed action plan). 
  2.  Prepare 4 pages and 3 pieces of content, then sell your offer (even with text documents).
  3.  Produce one or two lessons every week (2 or 3 hours of work).
  4.  Rinse and repeat.

And if you want a concrete example, here is one:

If you are a web designer specializing in e-commerce, instead of trying to sell your pricy service directly, create a 4-week F.M.O. that teaches people how to set up and run an e-commerce website. Your offer may have 2 lessons a week, a total of eight:

  1. How to find products to sell.
  2. How to pick a good name for your shop.
  3. How to choose a good web hosting company.
  4. How to install WordPress on your web hosting.
  5. How to pick and install a good WordPress theme.
  6. How to install and set up WooCommercethe right way.
  7. How to add and write compelling product descriptions.
  8. How to get your first sales with influencers using a tight budget.

As you see, those 8 lessons will help your students in their journey, but, they are not enough, as important steps are missing, like SEO, copyright, studying the competition, etc. So, to sell your design service, all you have to do is promote it in the last 4 lessons, after the students trust you and get used to you.

Another example: If you are a coach that helps people find a better job using LinkedIn, instead of selling your $xxx or $xxxx offer directly, create a 4-week F.M.O. that teaches people how to prepare a persuasive Curriculum Vitae or how to handle job interviews professionally.

Note: This method includes different examples, so, you will surely find one that inspires you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try the F.M.O method and get the fast start guide today.

Because this is an F.M.O. that will teach you how to create and launch your F.M.O., for now, its price follows the pricing rules mentioned in the action plan (between $4.7 and $31), so get it now before the launch period passes.

Launch discount in exchange for a testimonial!

The F.M.O Method

49 €29/Month ≈ $30.8. Cancel anytime.

Included options:

The step-by-step method.


Launch discount in exchange for a testimonial!

The F.M.O Method+

69 €29/Month ≈ $30.8. Cancel anytime.

Included options:

The step-by-step method.

Private community access.


14-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Try our method and if for any reason you are not satisfied with it, get a refund.

Frequently asked questions

What is this all about?

This is a straightforward, step-by-step method to quickly create and launch your first micro offer, even if you’ve never done that before.

Do I really need the “READY TO IMPORT” pages?

The pages will help you speed up your launch with the basic 5 pages needed (sales pages, contact, about, terms, etc).

Can you help me setup my pages ?

Yes, we can do that. Get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Why are you selling so cheap?

To gain your trust, build authority, and to get your feedback and testimonials.

Why are selling in Euros?

Our banking and Stripe are in Europe. PS: You can switch to other currencies during checkout.

Do you guarantee my success?

No one can guarantee that, as it depends on various factors such as level of expertise, understanding, and effort.

What payment systems do you accept?

Subscription payments are processed with Stripe and the one-time payments with bank transfers (USD, EURO, CAD, AUD, GBP, TRY, and DZD).

Who is behind

To learn more about Kydma, please visit the about page here.

What kind of offers can I launch?

You can launch a micro coaching program, a micro workshop, a micro-course, or even a microservice to promote your other offers and services.

On what platform the pages are built on?

The pages are built on, it is free to use. Import it to your account, edit it, then launch your offer fast.

Do I need to pay for the pages platform?

Not necessarily, can be used for free for ever.

How will the lessons be delivered?

The lessons will be delivered in our Kydma Lab. you will receive the instructions to access the method and the community, so do not forget to add our email to your trusted contacts (check the Spam folder).

What is the duration of the training?

You will recieve a lesson every one or two days (depends on the time needed to execute it). For now, the method includes 40+ of them that explain all the aspects of an online launch like setup, copywriting, sales, promotions, web traffic, etc.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee; you can cancel your subscription anytime.

I have another question, how to contact you?

For contact, submit a support ticket here.