Welcome to this new and simplified 3-STEP ACTION PLAN to…

Get X times more clients fast

By applying each of the following steps to plan, create, and launch your “First Micro Offer” in 48 hours or less*, then grow every aspect of your business without the need for complicated tools or strategies.

* 48 hours or less after you’ve learned the how-to.

  • Do you want to get paying customers from the get-go?
  • Do you want to start selling your first offer in 48 hours or less?
  • Do you want to establish trust and build authority in record time?
  • Do you want to recoup your web traffic cost while doing it?
  •  Do you want to create other offers while getting paid?
  •  Do you want to market your other offers seamlessly?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, it’s…

Time for you to use this simplified action plan

Alright, folks, gather around because it’s time to learn the secret to getting clients faster than a cheetah on Red Bull! And I promise this won’t be your typical snooze-fest of an action plan.

First things first, before we jump in, let me clarify a couple of things:

First, the elephant in the room… the 48-hour time frame: For all the internet wizards out there, you know that you can have your first micro offer up and running in no time, but for the rest of humankind, it might take a couple of days, even weeks. This is not a race, it’s a marathon, and the most crucial part is the action. So the 48 hours time frame is possible only if you start executing this action plan now. 

The mysterious First Micro Offer (F.M.O): This is not rocket science. You need to deliver some weekly or bi-weekly action steps (aka lessons) to the members who join your F.M.O, and, in return, they’ll pay you a small fee (more on that later as I don’t want to overwhelm you with many details at once). 

It’s that simple! The idea of this plan is to simplify all the components of an online offer, and if you are wondering what makes an F.M.O different from any low-ticket offer used in regular funnels, keep reading, and you will find out.

Time to take action, and to do that, apply the following three steps:

Step one:

Plan your offer

To build a house, you have to lay the foundation first and then add on top of it, so with this first step, you will map your plan, choose a market to target, and craft your message.

Needed time: 15 minutes to a day depending on your experience.

STEP ONE A. Your plan: Good news! You don’t have to map it from scratch. Use this plan as your roadmap, and please, do yourself a favor, do not over-complicate or over-think the steps, and execute them as they are if you want to be already getting clients two days from now.

STEP ONE B. Your niche and market: If you haven’t one yet, choose from one of the big three (Wealth and money, health and self-help, and relationships), then zoom in on a specific sub-niche. To do that, ask yourself these questions:

  • What subjects am I passionate about?
  • Who are the people I want and I can help?
  • What specific problem I can solve for them?
  • Is this market used to buying offers online?
  • Is this market big enough for me to reach it?

STEP ONE C. Your message: You’ll need what we call a USP (Unique selling proposition), this will set you apart from the competition and make your offer crystal clear. Just replace the text between the brackets to create one:

  • “How to [reach a very specific goal] or [resolve a very specific problem] in [specific time frame] by [specific steps].
  • “How to [reach a specific goal] or [resolve a very specific problem] in [specific time frame] without [specific pain points].
  • “I help [specific target] to [reach a specific goal] or [resolve a very specific problem] in [specific time frame] even if [specific limiting belief].
  • My example: How to get X times more clients fast by using your knowledge to create, launch, and sell your first offer in 48h or less without using complicated pricy tools or hyped strategies.

Time to do your homework and execute the first step, or…

Try the full F.M.O method instead

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Step two:

Present your offer

Do this step only after you’ve finished the first one. It is time to create your offer and present it with a content outline for your funnel/website. Don’t worry. It is easier than this looks.

Needed time: A couple of hours to a few days if you’ve never created anything.

STEP TWO A. Your offer: All about length, pricing, and final offer outline:

  • Decide the length of your offer: Because we are talking about steps that will be delivered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, It is crucial to limit your training to 4, 8, or 12 weeks maximum. Tip: If you are a beginner, decide on 4 weeks.
  • Decide a price for your offer: To sell your training like hotcakes, you must price it at $31 or less per month, not a dollar more. Tip: If you are not decided, or this is your first offer, price it below $10. 
  • Outline the steps of your offer: Define the main goal/ outcome/benefit of your training, then write down all the steps and number them. For instance, if your offer length is 8 weeks and you settled on delivering 1 lesson per week, you’ll need to outline 8 steps. Tip: Each step must give a small instant win.

STEP TWO B. Your content: Create the minimum three pieces of content needed to launch fast:

  • The first one is your sales page: Write a very simple and short one using these steps:
  1. A preheader to engage your audience’s attention. For example, “New simplified action plan”.
  2.  The first part of your USP. For example: [reach a specific goal].
  3.  The second part of your USP. For example: in [specific time frame] by using [specific steps].
  4.  Mention the big problem and the pain points. Tip: use bullet points.
  5.  Share your solution or what you are offering to resolve the big problem.
  6.  Proof, if you have any, if not a bullet point list with the step-by-step lessons and the outcome of each one of them.
  7. Your pricing with the call to action button to order, plus a note on the security of your payment system under it.
  8.  Your money-back guarantee and its length. Tip: Use a 30-day one or a longer one.
  9.  Finally, a reminder of what the customers get when they sign up today and how the lessons will be delivered.
  • The second content is your welcome email: What your buyers will get right after they complete the order. Write it like It is a virtual pat on the back, a reminder of the exact coming steps, and when will they receive the first one.
  • The third one, your first step/lesson: As we are all about speed, there’s no need to make all the content in advance. All you have to do is create the first step, and you will start selling in no time. 

STEP TWO C. Your presentation/funnel/website: A simple Google document, PDF, or a simple WordPress website, with a logo and 4 text webpages:

  • Your landing page (optional): As we don’t plan on collecting free leads, there is no need for one, but If you must use one, do like me. My landing page (homepage) presents this action plan without requesting an email to earn instant trust and authority.
  • Your sales letter: Use it as your main page (no landing page). There is no need to waste time on design. A simple text one suffice. Note: The most converting sales letters are the textual ones. A fast Google research will show you that. That is the reason why my website is text-based.
  • Your legal pages: Create one page with terms, privacy, antispam, cookies, and a disclaimer policy. Tip: Use free online generators.
  • Your info page: With this, I mean your about page, which you will also use as your contact page. Tip: No contact form is needed, a direct link to your FB Messenger or any other chat system.
  • Your delivery system: A free PayPal, Stripe, or any payment gateway you use, and if you don’t have one yet, use any free autoresponder like Mailerlite, Sendgrid, or one that offers a 30-day trial period. Tip: You don’t need to integrate the payment with the autoresponder, do not delay your launch with this technical excuse. Alternatively, check tools like Systeme.io, Gumroad.com, and Google alternatives. There are plenty that allows selling and delivering.
  • Note: In case you decide to go with a website, $25 is the minimum you need to buy a domain name for one year and pay for the first month of any web hosting, but again, remember, you can only start with simple documents.

You are almost there. Complete the second step, or…

Try the full F.M.O method instead

Join the F.M.O launchers community and try the step-by-step full method. PS: It will cost you just one dollar a day.

Step three:

Promote your offer

No need to reinvent the wheel here, just implement proven, effective strategies used in other markets to promote and sell your offer, then deliver it to your buyers using a simple system.

Needed time: Depends on your online presence and the effort you take from now on.

STEP THREE A. Your launch: Its launch time!

  • Launch your micro offer: This plan was about creating and launching your first one, so, just use any mentioned strategy to do that. Again, just take action without overthinking any of them.
  • Get paid to create better offers: Use your F.M.O. to get feedback from your buyers, then create better and bigger offers.
  • Upsell your bigger offers: If you have any, offer them to your clients in the last 4 lessons by using this one-liner sentence: I do have few spots available for/in my [name of your bigger offer or service] that can help you reach [mention bigger goals] do [mention the steps] in [mention the timeframce]. who is interested?

STEP THREE B. Your traffic: To get web traffic, you can use all known methods, and in case you are wondering what is the best one, follow this:

  • Free traffic strategies: Use the previously created USP on all your social media profiles (in banners, links, and in bios). In FB groups, post useful answers to any questions related to your offer. Inform all your online and offline contacts and ask them to share your offer link. Ask social groups, website, forum admins, and any social influencers to promote your offer in exchange for a %100 commission on sales by using affiliates tools already present in your delivery system (as example, Gumroad has that), etc.
  • Paid traffic strategies: Use any paid traffic source (social media ads, paid influencers, Pay groups and website admins, paid classifieds ads, paid solo ads like on Udimi.com, etc.). Remember, the F.M.O model is not meant to make a profit but to recoup your paid traffic costs, so, as long as the cost to get one buyer is equal to or less than the cost of your offer, you are winning big time, because you are building buyers list you can promote your future offers to. Tip: Just YouTube influencers’ traffic for dropshipping and see how dropshippers get targeted traffic using small influencers.
  • Note: In my humble opinion, affiliate and influencer traffic are the best ones to start with, between all the social influencers, groups, and websites admins out there, you’ll have all the web traffic you need to test your offer fast, so, do not underestimate them, as it is one of the ways that made all the rich gurus rich.

STEP THREE C. Deliver your offer: By this, I mean how you will deliver your solution, how to provide support, and how to make a real profit by up-selling your other products and services:

  • Deliver your solution: To keep your buyers hooked and happy, you must deliver your steps in a certain way. At each start of the lesson, remind them about the small win they got from the last one, and at each end of a step, mention what they will learn in the next one. Tip: Give them some sort of weekly homework to keep them active.
  • Provide outstanding support: You can do that by simply asking your buyers to post their weekly homework in the private community, and your only job is to comment on them. Tip: It is very important that you clarify the limits of your support in your sales letter, in your lessons, etc, so that the buyers do not expect one-to-one coaching or a 24h direct help for a few bucks a month.
  • Up-sell your other offers and services: To do that, you must wait until the last couple of lessons. At that time, you will have some kind of feedback and your customers already know and trust you somewhat, so go easy on them. Tip: If you do not have any other offer to sell, sell them an extra option, for example, If I had to sell you anything now, and I will, it will be my F.M.O. blueprint, and as an extra, I will offer you a fast website setup or a possibility to ask me questions on each step.

Now, you have two choices. Finish the action plan alone, or…

Try the full F.M.O method instead

Join the F.M.O launchers community and try the step-by-step full method. PS: It will cost you just one dollar a day.

Frequently asked questions

What is this all about?

This is a straightforward, step-by-step action plan to quickly create and launch your first micro offer, even if you’ve never done that before.

Do I need a website to launch this offer?

The website/platform is where you will present your offer. You can use platforms like Systeme.io (free), any website, a Facebook page, or even a simple Google doc.

Can you help me setup my offer?

Yes, I can, check the F.M.O method here, then get in touch with us to discuss the details.

How much should I sell my offer for?

It is highly advised to sell your first offer between $4.7 and $31. As we explain in this action plan and the method here, the main goal of an F.M.O. is to build a clients/buyers list fast.

Who is behind Kydma.com?

To learn more about Kydma, please visit the about page here.

What kind of offers can I launch?

You can launch a micro coaching program, a micro workshop, or a micro-course, and even a microservice to promote your existing or not other offers and services.

How lengthy should my training be?

We recommend planning 4 to 12 weeks of training. If it is your first time, go with 4 weeks.

How many lessons should I plan?

When you settle on the length of the training, you have to determine how many lessons to deliver per week, then outline them. You can find more details about that in the F.M.O method here.

Should I offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you should offer a money-back guarantee, even if your offer costs $1.

I have another question, how to contact you?

For contact, submit a support ticket here.