Coaches, course creators & service providers. Discover HOW to…

Convert more of your web visitors into ideal buyers and clients with a Free funnel!

Convert leads into buyers and ideal clients by launching your site in 72h

Launch your free converting funnel without breaking the bank or relying on complex tools and strategies.

Free Converting Funnel

Coaches & creators. Discover HOW to… 

get more clients with Your Free converting coaching Website!

PS: Use the included authority, sales scripts, strategies, and AI prompts to accomplish that.

How does this work?

It’s easy to get started

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There must be a catch!

Is this really free?

apply in minutes

Yes, it is free. To create a funnel, you need a funnel platform. So, we simply request that you sign up for a specific platform using our link so we can earn some commissions. Fair, don’t you think? The best part – it won’t cost you a cent more, and you can launch your free converting funnel faster using our strategies, conversion scripts, and guidance calls.

Before we get into the meat of the subject, let me ask you…

how’s your website doing?

If you have one, find out if it contain those conversion killers:

How many colours and fonts are on it? Do they really help?

Does it include an USP, an MVP, or an MVO?

What about the call to actions? Are they clear and effective?

Does it have any natural leads’ filtering and qualifying process?

What about the 95% or 97% of visitors who will never come back?

How about Google scores? The speed and the usabilty ones?

How many distracting links does it have in the menus?

How many confusing clickable links are in its frontpage?

How many pages it has? And do they helpin conversions?

NOT your déjà-vu funnels, but ones packed with proven strategies & scripts!

see, We didn’t reinvent the wheel, just free funnels

What’s included

Some of the benefits

apply in minutes

Fast setup & launch

Get your free converting funnel up and ruunning in a matter of hours not weeks, and use the included guidance and scripts to finalize it by filling in the blanks where necessary.

Mapped users’ journey

Whether it’s booking a call or selling your service, your funnel is designed to map web visitor’s journey, leading them to the bridge page, and guiding them toward your desired actions.

Teach & sell in one place

Market and sell your digital products, services, or text and video courses in one place, eliminating the need for complex or costly tools.

Collect leads’ emails

Text about email

Buid trust & authority

Stand out from the crowd, deliver value in advance, and tap into the power of reciprocity leaving a lasting impression and establish trust and authority.

Support & community

Don’t start your journey alone. Become a part of our tribe—a supportive community offering additional guidance, tips, and ongoing business growth opportunities.

Guidance calls*

Unlike other funnel services, ours includes strategies and guidabce calls to ensure that you get the most positive results from your free converting funnel (conditions apply, see fees below).

Done for you service

Need a done-for-you service or help in launching your offers? Feel free to connect. Let’s dive into your business growth journey together (chat with us to find out more).

your free converting funnel

Step one

Apply in minutes

Before proceeding, review all the information on this page, including the FAQ. Once you’re ready, APPLY and let us know why we should consider your application.

Innitiate a chat and say HI.

We have a 10-minute talk.

Get an answer to your application.

Apply now

Step two

Confirm your spot

Upon approval of your application, you’ll need to secure your “free funnel” spot. Once the platform order is confirmed, we’ll provide you with all the included free converting funnel elements.

If your application is confirmed.

Sign up for the funnel platform.

We start working on your website.

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Step three

Launch fast

When your free converting funnel is ready, use the allocated guidance calls, the proven conversion scripts, and get support via the community.

Use the guidance and the scripts.

Fill-in-the blanks where needed.

Use the community for support.

Apply now

The extra!

Recoup your fees

Recoup your funnel platform expences and earn extra revenue through our partnership program. Becoming a partner takes just 3 minutes.

Obtain your referral link.

Share it wherever you can.

Gain %20 commissions on sales.

Apply now

free converting funnels

Your steps funnel

your free converting steps sales FUNNEL

This type of funnel is creadited with generating a billion dollars in sales (ask me about it)

IMPORTANT: This demo offers a basic representation and does not include all features.

Your bridge funnel

your free converting bridge sales FUNNEL

This type of funnel is creadited with generating hundreds of millions in sales (ask me about it)

IMPORTANT: This demo offers a basic representation and does not include all features.

funnel options

pay the platform monthly

€0 ≈ $0

We won’t charge you a thing, just pay for the funnel platform using our link.

Apply in a matter of minutes

What’s included:

Marketing funnel

Email series import

Domain name setup

Basic setup guidance

Private support community

%20 commissions on sales*

Recoup your funnel platform fees through our partnership program. Learn more here.

pay the platform yearly

€0 ≈ $0

We won’t charge you a thing, just pay for the funnel platform using our link.

Apply in a matter of minutes

Everything in Monthly:

Fast offer call: Discover how to get clients from the get-go with one specific type of offer.

Lead magnet call: Boost your conversions using some types of lead magnets.

Bridge page call: Convert more leads into clients using one extra page.

Conversion scripts: Apply conversion and sales scripts for maximum results.

Recoup your funnel platform fees through our partnership program. Learn more here.


Real customer stories:

Sam Waniewski

Basketball Coach, USA. Testimonial link.

Hainz’el Llanely Cantos

Genuinely Solutions LLC, USA. Agency, Testimonial link.

Since 2005, Adel has been instrumental in our business growth. As his first serious clients, we’ve witnessed our one-person operation evolve into a thriving business with two offices and a dedicated team of 23 members, thanks to his guidance and support.

Chawki Bentillis

Maager Deelta company, IT solutions, Algeria.

The project was not going well. Frustration set in… Along comes Adel. A marketing expert in my network. I’m happy with the results If you’re looking for someone to help you – I recommend you contact him. You’ll find him to be responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to offer guidance on your online efforts.

Charlene Burke

Copywriter, USA. Testimonial link.

I’m quite lucky finding ADEL, I added him as a friend on facebook. I am a young graphic designer but only had shallow knowledge as far as my target market is concerned and what specific services to offer. So, after an hour or so with Adel, I now have a clear message/USP (unique sale proposition), and I know whom to offer my services to. and what exact service to provide. It’s such an honor with great privilege knowing Adel because he has really left a great impact on me.

Oluwafemi Daniel

Freelancer. Nigeria. Testimonial link.

Adel is very passionate and well-versed in all aspects of online marketing. He is intelligent, and creative and is able to give a wide range of suggestions on how to brand your product or service better, how to make the best out of your online presence and to create various online income streams.

Cecelia Alphonsus

Communication expert, Malaysia, Testimonial link.

Why choose us?


Forget the complicated stuff and get straight-to-the-point clear, simple, services & strategies.

Since 2005

Adel, the manager started Kydma services in 2005, and our oldest client is from that year.

Direct support

The manager is ready to answer all your questions, even if you don’t order anything from us.


Why you should qualify for this service?

You should qualify for a free funnel for two reasons: to be sure this service fits your business needs and you are serious about launching your funnel.

Why are the funnels free?

We’re currently providing this service for free in exchange for a commission we will get when you sign up on the funnell platform. This doesn’t affect your costs. This approach helps us support you better, collect feedback, and enhance the offer.

Will we try to sell you other services?

Our aim is authenticity. Apart from the services listed on our site (mostly free), we do not offer any other services.

How easy is it to edit the pages?

It’s this simple: open a funnel page, click ‘Edit’, read and follow instructions, fill in the blanks. Also, quickly change colors and fonts across the funnel with a few clicks.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, the suggested funnel platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the service, simply let the platform support know, and you’ll provide a full refund. Please be aware that you can also cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you offer a done-for-you service?

Absolutely, we do, Feel free to reach out to us, and we can discuss the specifics of your project in detail.

Who is behind

To learn more about us, visit the About page here.

What kind of funnels can you launch?

Launch any service-related funnel like coaching, consultancy, or courses, etc., and customize your free converting funnel to suit your profession.

When will you get the guidance calls?

We provide four guidance calls. Upon the confirmation of your spot, we will discuss the appropriate weekly day to schedule them.

What tools do you need to get started?

You don’t need any additional tools. Simply have a domain name and a paid account on the suggested funnel platform, and you’ll be ready to launch your website quickly.

Should you pay for the platform?

The platform is free to use. However, for the automation rule, a paid account is required. For more information, click here.

What if you want to use your own platform?

Please note that, like any business, our goal is to build a thriving one. As with this free service, we only gain commissions on sales on the chosen platform, we cannot provide you this service or the included calls for free if you are using another one.

Do you provide a free website service?

Certainly, you can find more information about our 100% free website service by visiting this link.

Do you have another question?

Use the live chat, or submit a support ticket here.

ready for your free funnel?

If your answer is yes, initiate your application to secure one of the available spots using the live chat (bottom left). Alternatively, create a support ticket by clicking here.