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grow your business with a free funnel

This is NOT your typical déjà-vu funnel, but one that is loaded with proven strategies.

Hello! I’m Adel, the manager of Kydma since 2005. I’m here to offer you a 100% free funnel!

This is not just another funnel design service that leaves you on your own once it’s delivered

The idea is simple: Instead of launching yet another typical déjà-vu funnel, launch one* that delivers value in advance and incorporates continuity, community, consistency, authority, consensus, reciprocity, and scarcity. These genuine principles will help you convert leads into buyers and ideal clients without resorting to salesy tactics.

*These types of funnelsese leverages the 6 principles of persuasion by Dr. Cialdini. It is also credited with generating a hundreds of millions, even a billion of dollars in sales. Source: ask me about it.

To be straightforward yet modest, I’m so confident that… There is

No other funnel service comes close to this!

And if you find a superior option, I’ll offer mine for free… WAIT! It’s already free!

I know what you are thinking… There must be a catch, right?

Why on earth will your funnel be free?

To set up a functional funnel, having a funnel platform is must. So, I simply ask that you register and pay for the platform using my referral link. This allows me to earn a commission, also, you’ll need to order a web hosting account to manage your emails. It’s a fair arrangement, and the best part is that it won’t impact the platform fees whatsoever. This is undeniably a win-win scenario for both os us.

How does this work?

Get your free funnel by following these steps:

Step one

Apply for your free funnel

Before proceeding, carefully review all the information on this page, including the FAQ. Once you’re ready, click the APPLY button, and explain why we should consider your application.

I approve approximately 30% of applications. For a better chance of acceptance, have a direct talk (voice talk) with me on Facebook here.

Step two

Confirm your free funnel

Upon approval of your application, I’ll inform you, and you’ll have 24 hours to secure your spot. Once confirmed, I’ll dive into the setup process right away.

Due to limited availability, I can’t accommodate all applicants. So, ensure you secure your spot promptly.

Step three

Optimize your free funnel

After launching your funnel, use our step-by-step guide. Complete the provided sections and apply the included proven conversion and sales scripts for success.

Leverage our private community for valuable design and marketing insights. Elevate your online business with proven strategies.

What’s included with the funnel?

Some of the benefits and features included in this offer:

Launch it fast

Launch it in 72 hours or less. Receive an email with a link to access the funnel and detailed instructions on how to instantly import and set up everything, so you can get started with it right away,

Focus on business

Direct your focus on your business, as the funnel embodies the tried-and-true practices of industry leaders. Customize it with your unique branding, enabling you to devote your attention to business growth rather than setups.

Map your users’ journey

Map the course of your visitors’ journey, skillfully guiding them towards desired actions. Whether it’s enticing them to join your list, booking a call, qualifying for an offering, or placing an order, the funnel ensures a smooth transition towards conversion.

Convert more leads

Use the distraction-free design, where the sole objective is to filter and convert cold web traffic into valuable leads, prospects, and ideal clients. The included conversion scripts act as catalysts in this process.

Fulfill your schedule

Manage your booking schedule and effortlessly attract serious prospects poised to take action. By leveraging the included bridge page and tools like Calendly, you’ll connect with qualified leads, ensuring optimal time management.

Teach & sell in one place

Experience the convenience of marketing your offers with multimedia courses in one unified platform. this funnel provides an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for complex or costly tools while showcasing and selling your offers.

Accept payments

Seamlessly accept payments for your services and digital products with the integrated selling and course playform. This feature-rich system supports various payment methods, offering convenience and flexibility to your customers.

Build trust & authority

Stand out from the crowd by delivering huge value in advance through a simple yet effective approach. Tap into the power of reciprocity leaving a lasting impression and establishing instant trust and authority.

Host your files & videos

With the same platform, you’ll have the ability to upload, host, and secure your files such as lead magnets, cheat sheets, checklists, ebooks, etc., as well as videos like lessons and webinars.

All you need to launch

Get your funnel, the email sequence template, the setup guide,the conversion and sales scripts, the domain name emails configured through our hosting and Cloudflare, and the community support.

Be part of a tribe

Don’t embark on your journey alone. Join our tribe, a supportive community for added guidance, tips, and continuous business growth.

Get it Done For You

Require a done-for-you service or assistance in launching FAST offers? I’m here to back you up. Feel free to connect, and let’s dive into your business growth journey together.

What funnels will you launch?

These are the funnel models you can launch today:

Your 4-step funnel

Launch your 4-step funnel in a matter of days not weeks!

This type of funnel is creadited with generating a billion dollar in sales (ask me about it)

IMPORTANT: This demo offers a basic representation and may not include all features.

Your bridge funnel

Launch your bridge funnel in a matter of days not weeks!

This type of funnel is creadited with generating hundreds of millions in sales (ask me about it)

IMPORTANT: This demo offers a basic representation and may not include all features.

Working on it

Ready to apply for your free funnel?

If yes, initiate your application to secure one of the available spots using the live chat.

Frequently asked questions:

Why should you apply for this service?

Apply for a free funnel for two reasons: to save money and secure your free funnel spot.

Why is this funnel service free?

We do that in exchange for a commision paid by the funnel platform and a small fee for your email web hosting. This approach helps us support you better, collect feedback, and enhance the offer.

Should you pay for the platform?

The platform is free to use. However, for the automation rule, a paid account is required. For more information, click here.

How easy is it to edit the pages?

It’s this simple: open a page, click ‘Edit’, read and follow instructions, fill in blanks. Also, quickly change colors and fonts across the funnel with a few clicks.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, the funnel platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, as does our web hosting. Please be aware that you can also cancel your subscription at any time, but this will result in the termination of your funnel and its emails.

Do you offer a done-for-you service?

Absolutely, we do offer a done-for-you service. Feel free to reach out to us, and we can discuss the specifics of your project in detail.

Who is behind

To learn more about us, visit the About page here.

What kind of funnels can you launch?

Launch any service related funnel like a coaching, consultancy, or course one, and customize it for your profession.

What if you already have a funnel?

Choose between usisng it for whatever you are offering, and use this free one to launch your next offer.

What tools do you need to get started?

All you need is a domain name, your funnel on a specific platform, and a web hosting account for your emails. With these in place, you’ll be ready to launch your funnel fast.

What if you don’t have a domain name?

Obtain a domain name from any provider. If you need help choosing a suitable domain, contact us for free advice. We’re here to help align it with your business and goals.

What if you inssist on using your own platform?

If that’s the case, we regret to inform you that we can’t provide you with a free funnel, but we’d gladly create one for you at an agreed-upon cost.

Do you provide a website-building service?

Certainly, we provide a webite service. You can find more information about our 100% free website service by visiting this link.

Do you have another question?

Use the live chat, or submit a support ticket here.