Your system marketing strategies:

Strategies to launch and grow

Apply the system strategies to get X times more leads & prospects and obtain your desired fast, positive, and measurable results.

What is this about?

This is about you receiving various strategies to apply in your website and business to get fast, positive, and measurable results.

What kind of strategies?

Here is the summary of the strategic calls you will receive:

Strategy call one

Plan & Map

Whether you are launching a high-ticket course, coaching, a service offer, or don’t know where to start, you need a clear plan and a map to follow. This is the most laborious part, but, if you commit to it and do it well, the rest of the system will be easy to implement

Your plan

Ask yourself the right questions about your why, what, how, and when.
Envision where you will be in the future and map your action accordingly.
Turn your knowledge, passions, and experience into offers.

Your market

Identify your niche, your perfect user avatar, and your solution.
Outline your 3X3-step solution to come up with the perfect one.
PS: With a target market and an outline, you will be able to launch very fast.

Your message

Brainstorm the big outcome that your solution will provide.
Come up with a series of small wins to outline your big solution.
PS: This will help you save time and money and avoid dealing with the wrong kind of prospects.

Strategy call two

Build & Create

In this step, you will finalize the creation of your perfect offer, create your content strategy, and build your web assets (Funnel site, social media, etc). If you do STEP ONE correctly, this step will be the easiest part of the system.

Your offer

Use the 3-step system to finalize your offer and plan your content strategy.
Create the easiest and fastest-to-consume lead magnets.
PS: Start selling even before creating your big offer.

Your content

Use the 3-step system to create the content to use including your lead magnets.
Create straight-to-the-point content (related to your wins).
PS: Don’t create much content in advance, 3 ones are enough.

Your funnel

Use your simple, yet highly converting website funnel, and web assets (social media) to map your client’s journey.
Filter and qualify your leads before making the big offer.
PS: No fancy tools are needed.

Strategy call three

Launch & Deliver

Learn how to use quick marketing strategies yo generate web traffic to market and sell your offer, then deliver your big solution and offer your client’s the support they deserve. At this point, everything is ready, just do this over and over again to see fast, positive and measurable results.

Your launch

Launch your first micro offer in 48h or less even without followers.
Upsell your medium offer to your trusting clients.
Get paid to create and optimize your high-ticket offer.

Your traffic

Generate targeted web traffic and leads using free and paid strategies.
Tap into your networks before investing in any paid ads.
Use your offer’s small wins to promote your main offer.

Your deliverables

Use free and paid tools to deliver your solution to your clients.
Give your clients simple steps to accomplish quick wins fast.
Offer the support your customers deserve.

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