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They are saying about us

Note: The latest Kydma offers were launched in early February 2023. The first early adopters just started receiving the steps and training. It will take a while before testimonials show up here.

Feedback and testimonials

Some of our verifiable feedback and testimonials:

The web page project was not going well. Frustration set in because … heck I’ve done this many many times! Along comes Adel. A marketing expert + web designer in my network. I’m happy with the results – clean design, clearly states my offer, and easy to use by the visitor. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your website – I recommend you contact him. You’ll find him to be responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to offer guidance on your online efforts.

Charlene Burke, Copywriter, USA, Facebook.

Adel is very passionate and well-versed in all aspects of online marketing. He is intelligent, and creative and is able to give a wide range of suggestions on how to brand your product or service better, how to make the best out of your online presence and to create various online income streams.

Cecelia Alphonsus, Communication expert, Malaysia. Linkedin.

Adel hosts and maintains our business website since 2005, actually we are the first serious client he got. Thanks to his suggestions and follow-up, our business grew from a one-man business to two offices and 23 team members.

Chawki Bentillis, Manager of Deelta company, IT solutions, Algeria.

Adel hosts and maintains my website since 2014. He is very passionate about his work and never hesitates to throw in an example or two to explain things, I’m very impressed!

Nathalie D, Amateur photographer, France. Website.

Adel is very versatile in many fields (WordPress, funnels, optimization strategies, etc.) and loves to help in any way he can, it was nice to work with him on a common client’ project.

Petr Čermák, Coder, Poland, Linkedin.

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